Design Presenter is a simple tool for designers and project managers who would like to showcase web design image drafts to clients like they would appear in a browser fully developed.

Because presentation does matter.

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Design Presenter is best with
the latest version of WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

Whoa, how does this thing work?

Design Presenter is a WordPress theme. In simplified terms, you will install WordPress on your server, activate the theme, and adjust some WordPress and theme settings to your liking. When it comes time to share a design with a client, you'll create a client page (password protected if you'd like) for your client. Then size the design page drafts appropriately and upload them into WordPress. You'll be inserting the design drafts onto subpages of your client page, and tweaking some page settings so everything looks just right. Simple, really! More detailed instructions are in the readme.txt file and available within the theme admin area.

Why isn't this theme in the WordPress theme directory?

I never submitted it because this theme has a very focused purpose. It wouldn't pass theme review because of this focus (no, you can't use it as a blogging theme) and would just confuse beginning users searching the theme directory.

When I log in to WordPress with this theme installed, some options I'm used to don't seem to be there. Why?

This theme quite intentionally doesn't support all of the features of WordPress, even common ones like posts, in order to streamline the interface and prevent users from blowing up the theme. These menu items may be restored by editing the functions.php file, but unless you edit the theme, they won't work.

This is awesome. May I compensate you in some way?

I would never say no to a beer or a pack of gum. Buy me one via PayPal. I'm also available for paid customizations.

Will you be updating Design Presenter with new features?

I plan on it, and I welcome feature requests. Just click on that Feedback button, and send me a note. Some things I'm already working on: Some way to combine brief notes about the design on the same page as the design, threaded commenting on design pages so a conversation can be held about the design, and integrating optional thumbnail navigation on the Client Page template.